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Mikey crossed his arms, but a coy smile crept into his face. Slut videos tumblr. I promise you this will be perfectly safe. Chubby chaser tumblr. The fall leaves were just beginning to turn red and brown, and he was already feeling slightly overwhelmed as assignments piled up at the beginning of his sophomore year. Maybe even two pizzas, he thought, giving his small belly a pat. Fuck porn pictures. Homework could wait until after lunch.

With a bellowing moan, Mikey squeezed each of his love-handles as hard as he could and came. What if it all worked? Luckily the internet was a big place, filled with many diverse interest. I did this to you. Mikey was beginning to wonder if the professor put on this much of a show during his classes, when he started to feel a wave of warmth build up inside, before gently crashing over him, only to do it again moments later.

His entire body shook with each lumbering foot fall, an earthquake of flesh growing larger with each passing moment. He licked lower and lower on the mountainous middle, mashing his face as far into the yielding fat as it would go, eventually descending to his knees, a worshipper having reached mecca. No, mad scientist he may be, however he was not so mad as to administer a still as of yet unproven cocktail to himself without any kind of human testing. Chubby chaser tumblr. Best porn ever tumblr. His previously flat chest was budding into a pair of perky man tits, tiny areolas stretching wider as his new mammaries inflated with soft flesh.

Steeling himself, he put on his best professor face, and walked out the door to greet his subject.

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Walker sounded genuinely alarmed and took a step forward, however Mikey waved him off and slowly righted himself. Nude gilf pics. Gnosher was just one such site where people could congregate, share tips, and just generally encourage one another to grow as big as they wanted. Log in Sign up. Finally reaching his dorm, he kicked off his shoes, gave a courteous hello to his dorm-mates, dropped off his pack in his room, then made his way to the shared kitchen to pop the tops on two frozen pizzas.

I promise you this will be perfectly safe. Chubby chaser tumblr. His belly was rounding out more and more, the flesh expanding beneath his fingers like an inflating ball. He floundered, mouth moving but no words coming out, only stopping once Mikey swayed much larger hips. What if something went wrong? First in the gut, but he could see the rest of him was slowly catching up. Nude women scenes. Mikey was sauntering home after morning classes. His entire chest now began to rise outwards like inflating dough, the skin softening with adipose as it accumulated beneath it.

Mikey reached him and just stood there, belly mere inches from bumping the professor backward, seductive eyes still staring into his. The complete alteration in frame, shape and the arrangement of fat on the body was all expected and shown in previous testing on laboratory mice, but the changes in his genitalia were never something the professor investigated in his previous trials.

He gulped, frozen, his entire being overcome by lust.

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In moments the boy had a double chin, round moon cheeks, and a fold of flesh at the back of his neck just where his short brown hair tapered off. Who wants a go? His chest had expanded from perky breasts to much larger man-mammaries, now sagging under their own weight, each eraser-head capped peak propped up by the tremendous tank below it. Walker it had the momentum of over pounds of man bearing down on his face.

How do you feel? What my formula does is take those specific genome sequences and edits them into the host, essentially changing their heritage slightly, but without changing anything else like skin or hair colour. The professor thought about it for a moment, acknowledging mentally that neither he nor his young charge had any clothes that would fit and would have to trundle home, jiggling and naked.

The professor visibly relaxed, and then beamed enthusiasm once more. Tell me that my encouragement is the reason for your extra 30, 40, 50 pounds. Chubby chaser tumblr. It was then that the growth changed tack, now causing his frame to visibly broaden.

After checking his email, Mikey logged into Gnosher to check his messages there. Maybe even two pizzas, he thought, giving his small belly a pat.

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